Essay #1
Debates to Dialogue - How Unitarian Universalists relate to one another is changing, and not everyone is happy about it.

Essay #2
Speak Plainly - White UUs who feel as though their free speech is restricted by political correctness should tell us what they really think.

Essay #3
Unbaking a Cake - What has been brought together cannot, and should not, be torn asunder. 

Essay #4
Your Feelings, Whitesplained - Maybe if we keep telling marginalized people not to be offended, they'll stop being offended.

Essay #5
Original Sin - "I'll take beliefs that Unitarian Universalists reject for $1000, Alex."

Essay #6
Call Out Culture - It isn't nitpicking to point out bigotry.

Essay #7
Don't Be a Boy Scout - Offenses against Humanists within Unitarian Universalism do not justify a counterattack targeting marginalized people.